About Go Global

Go Global is a leading professional organization that provides comprehensive solutions for various business sectors in Risk Management, Information Security, Cyber Security, Disaster Risk Management, International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) consultation and implementation (IFRS 9, IFRS 16, IFRS 17).

We also offer our specialized consultancy services in these areas in addition to our specialized and distinguished training services in cooperation with many Leading international institutions in this field.

Go Global has been recognized and awarded many international awards from prestigious organizations like RIMS, IRM and recently got the award of the best "Software Solution" from MENAIR in Dubai 2022.

IFRS Professional software Solutions

Our Company provides its clients with professional software solutions in:

International Financial Reporting Standard IFRS 9

International Financial Reporting Standard IFRS 16

International Financial Reporting Standard IFRS 17

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM/GRC)

Disaster Risk Management (DRM)

SHIRA; Sound Holistic Integrated Risk Assurance (GRC / ERM)

SHIRA is a powerful software web solution to master your:

Strategic, Operational, Financial, Credit and Market Risks.

Manage Governance, Risk, Compliance, and Risk-Based Audit in one platform.

SHIRA is an amazing platform to manage Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) based on Sendai Framework 2015:2030

Internal Credit Rating and Evaluation Software (Rating Engine)

Go Global provides the powerful tool for internal credit rating and evaluation software (ICRES).

Customer segmentation based on internal and customized rating criteria / factors that are sensitive to: Profitability / Default factors.

Professional Training & Consultation Services

Go Global is a leader in providing professional training & consultation services in many fields especially in:

Risk Management, Information Security, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery,

Governance, Cyber Security, and Many More...

Our Software Products

To help you develop your business and comply with the emerging international requirements and standards, we developed our effective and efficient software solutions.

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Sound Holistic Integrated Risk Assurance (SHIRA); GRC / ERM Software Solution

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Internal Credit Rating and Evaluation Solution (ICRES)

Rating Engine for all kind of accounts (Corporate, Retail, SMEs ..etc.) - Insights for better Vision

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International Financial Reporting Standard 9 (IFRS 9)

Efficiently comply with IFRS 9 requirements and the local regulator's directives and instructions

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International Financial Reporting Standard 16 (IFRS16)

Comply with IFRS 16 and manage you operational lease contracts as financial lease contracts in line of regulatory instructions and directives.

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International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS 17)

The IFRS 17 solution is your right software solution to manage and resolve all your challenges and issues in compliance with IFRS 17

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NAJAT; The Comprehensive Disaster Risk Management

Disaster Risk Management Software (NAJAT). A comprehensive E2E Software to manage Disaster Risk Management; Both: Natural Disasters and Man-Made Disasters.

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Strategic & Performance Management

Manage your organization strategy and performance through this powerful tool. Strategy, Strategic Goals, Projects, SMART operational Goals and Full Task Management System

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e-Document Management System (GGeDMS)

e-Document Management System (GGeDMS) for small and medium size enterprises (SMEs)

Professional & Sophisticated Services

We Provide Professional, Niche and Sophisticated Services to our clients

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Information Security QMSISE/ISO 27001:2013 development OR (Certification and Renewal of certification)

Information Security QMSISE/ISO 27001:2013 development OR (Certification and Renewal of certification)

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Information Security Audit: ISMS ISO 27001:2013 Audit

We provide you with the audit services for the "Information Security" QMS based on ISO 27001:2013

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"Cyber Security" Technical Services & Consultations

We provide "Cyber Security" solutions in forms of "Consultations and Technical Services"

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Risk Assessment and Internal Control Management

We provide Risk Assessment and Internal Control Management for all business units in your organization and for all levels in all risk types

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IT Governance consultation and audit services based on COBIT 2019 Standard

We provide IT Governance consultations and audit services on your IT department based on COBIT 5 standard

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Risk-based IT Audit, and Cyber Security Investigations

We provide Risk-based IT Audit services, and Cyber Security Investigations as well in a professional manner

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Consultation and Implementation Services for IFRS 9

We provide consultation and implementation services to comply with the international financial reporting standard IFRS

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Internal Credit Rating and Evaluation.

Internal Credit Rating and Evaluation.

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IFRS 17 Consultation & Implementation Services

We do provide a full fledge suite of services to comply with IFRS 17 (Consultation & Implementation) Services

Training & Capacity Building

Well Selected customized training, capacity building programs and recognized accredited certificates from international reputable organizations

Cambridge International College in UK

Join one of the international diploma, EMBA, PHD or any other courses in coordination with our partner in UK: Cambridge International College

ISO Training & Certification

Variant ISO Training and Certification from tier 1 evaluation and certification organizations PECB

Professional Customized Short Courses

Variant and wide scope of local and international customized short courses in the most recent topics in the industry


Dr. Riyad is a Judger on the MENA IR in Dubai 2020

Dr. Riyad the CEO of Go Global is one of the Judgement committee for MENA IR insurance awards for the year 2020 that will be conducted in Dubai Feb. 2020

Go Global holds a workshop on IFRS 16

Go Global organized a wor;shop in IFRS16 in cooperation with the union of Insurance companies on 02/07l2019 in the presence of a group of insurance companies,the ministry of finance and the Palestinian Road Accident Fund.

A computerized system to address the financial and accounting processes required by the application of the standerd was reviewed.

IFRS16 is mandatory for all insititutins and companies world wide as of 01/01/2019

Go Global Exposure regionally with the BIG 4

Go Global is competing on regional level

Go Global Competes Regional in IT sector

Go Global is shortlisted to compete international organizations

IFRS 17 Agreement Signed with Mashreq Insurance Co,

Go Global has signed an agreement with MIC to implement the IFRS 17

Dr. Riyad is a judger in MENAIR awards ceremony in Dubai

Dr. Riyad is a judger in MENAIR awards ceremony in Dubai

Go Global is a WINNER in 2022 #MENAIR event in Dubai as a leader in Software Development for its #IFRS17 Solution

#GoGlobal is a #winner in the #MENAIR insurance #awards2022 for the best #softwaresolution in #ifrs17 in Dubai / UAE.

Go Global also excelled and developed, deployed and helped organizations to comply with #ifrs9 #ifrs16 . Moreover, Go Global managed to develop a superior #grc #erm solution #shira and a powerful #rating engine #icres (internal credit rating and evaluation solution).

#followus on https://lnkd.in/djvjW8sK

Congratulations to #goglobal team Riyad M Jaddal Abu MahmoudJAMAL HAJEER mohammad jaddal Salam Modallal and the staff.

Training Workshop for IFRS 9

Go Global organized a workshop on Standard 9 (International Financial Reporting Standard and its practical applications) over three consecutive days with the participation of employees from the Palestine Investment Bank and Tamkeen Insurance Company. Thankfully, the evaluation was very positive

Where the workshop was held on December 13-15, 2021 at the company’s headquarters. The workshop was presented by Dr. Riyad Jadal. At the end of the workshop, certificates were distributed to the participants.

Officially launching the ICRES credit rating and evaluation system

The Palestine Investment Bank launched the internal credit rating and evaluation solution (ICRES), provided by Go Global. Go Global is a well recognized leader provider for risk management and IFRS solutions in the region Mr. Samih Sbieh said "ICRES will add real value to the Bank's operations in credit management, sales and collections as well will help the bank management to derive an efficient strategy in credit management and product development planning.

Receiving the Best Computerized System for the Insurance Sector (IFRS17) award from MENAIR in Dubai

Awarded the Best Transformed System and Value of IFRS 17 award for the insurance and reinsurance sector in the Middle East and Africa region by MENAIR in Dubai for the year 2022


Workshop On Risk Management and Practical Applications In Compliance With International standards

Within the framework of coordination with countries and regulatory authorities in the region, a fruitful meeting was held with a focus on insurance at the Central Bank of Jordan, where the evaluation of IFRS 17 was presented, which was highly praised by the Central Bank team. It is noteworthy that the system won the award for the best computerized system for the insurance sector in Dubai this year 2022 from MENAAIR

-Amman March 26-

The actual operation of IFRS 17 with the Mashreq Insurance Company.

Go Global begins the operational phase of the IFRS 17 standard system with Al-Mashreq Insurance Company

Good luck to our creative team and congratulations to Al-Mashreq Insurance Company

"Scientific Symposium "Cyber Security and Electronic Warfare"

Go Global CEO, Dr. Riyad Jaddal, participated in the scientific symposium entitled "Cyber Security and Electronic Warfare" at the headquarters of the General Secretariat of the Union of Arab Academics and Scientists in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

Signing an agreement to implement IFRS 17 at Arab Union Insurance Company - Jordan

Signing an agreement to implement the IFRS17 standard with the Arab International Union Insurance Company in Amman - Jordan, using the most advanced system in the world, Shift17, which won the award for the best computerized system for implementing the standard 17 - Dubai for the year 2022.a message

Palestine Insurance Company and Go Global sign the shift17 purchase agreement to implement the International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS17)

Palestine Insurance Company and Go Global sign the shift17 purchase agreement to implement the International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS17)

The agreement was signed by the General Manager of Palestine Insurance Company, Mr. Hamza Sharrouf, and the General Manager of Go Global, Dr. Riyad Jaddal, and the Assistant Director General for Financial and Administrative Affairs, Mr. Khalil Al-Hajj Ali, and the Director of the Information Technology Department, Mr. Samer Shawqi, attended on behalf of Palestine Insurance Company. Palestine Company from the contract of applying the

international standard (IFRS17)



GO GLOBAL Shortlisted in for MENAIR awards 2023.

Go Global is shortlisted MINAIR AWARD 2023

Go Global is shortlisted MINAIR AWARD 2023



MENAIR Recognized for International Risk & Insurance Awards - Dubai.

GR Global [RE] Insurance

MEA Risk & Insurance Excellence Awards 2016 Dubai MEA Special Recognition Award by Strategic Risk and [RE] Insurance.


Risk Maturity Model Recognition Program- RIMS USA As the preeminent organization dedicated to educating, engaging and advocating for the global risk community, RIMS, the risk management society.

Risk communication strategy

This award was established to recognise unique endeavour in developing an understanding of risk and the promotion of risk management itself across the region.

Global Risk Awards 2016 - IRM - UK

Goglobal has been awarded The risk management professional of year 2016 From IRM. IRM is the leading body for professional Enterprise Risk Management Providing globally recognized qualifications and training, publish research and guidance and set professional standards.


MENAIR has recognized Go Global and shortlisted it for the following awards:

Shortlisted by MENAIR for the following awards in 2019:

üActuarial/Risk Consultancy Services, Audit Services Provider, Claims Management Services Provider


üRatings Agency

üTechnology Firm


MANAIR Shortlist #1 in 2022 event

MENAIR Shortlist #2

MENAIR has recognized Go Global for the award of:

MENAIR 2022 Shortlist #3

MENAIR has recognized Go Global to be in the shortlist for the award of:


GO GLOBAL has been shortlisted for the 2023 MEN AIR Awards FOR TECHNOLOGY FIRM


MENAIR has recognized Go Global for the award of TECHNOLOGY FIRM

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