Information Security QMSISE/ISO 27001:2013 development OR (Certification and Renewal of certification)

Develop an information security quality management system including information security policy, risk assessment and control management to get ready to be certified for ISO 27001 QMS. [OPTIONAL: get ready for ISO 27001:2013 official audit and CERTIFICATION] OR Do the certification / renewal of certification

Information Security Audit: ISMS ISO 27001:2013 Audit and Technical Audit Services.

Audit an information security quality management system including information security policy, risk assessment, control management and technical reviews and audit for information security. [OPTIONAL: Official audit is accredited to get ISO 27001:2013 CERTIFICATION]

Technical Cyber Security Consultations and services

Pure Technical services that address the cyber security of organizations (mainly the infrastructure; network and communications).

IT Risk Assessment and Control Management

IT risk profile development; risk identification, assessment, analysis, evaluation, control, communications, consultation and reporting

IT Governance based on COBIT 5 standard

IT governance services based on COBIT5 standard

IT Audit; Risk based audit for governance, infrastructure and operations

Audit IT department in reference to COBIT 5, as well a risk based audit is conducted for the significant risks facing IT operations and the key controls managing those risks.

IFRS 9; International Financial Reporting Standard 9.

Theory and practice for IFRS 9 in all industries especially in the financial sector.

Rating and Evaluation Schemes, Polices and SOPs

Credit, Sales, Investment … etc. rating and evaluation techniques, services, consultations and SOPs (IFRS 9 Manual)

Internal Credit Rating and Evaluation.

Rating strategies, Risk based pricing and Rating techniques - Theory and Practice for the purposes of Expected Credit Losses (ECL) Probability of default (PD) estimation. This is essential in IFRS 9 implementation in organizations

Credit Control and Credit Risk Management.

Specialized in credit control strategies, techniques and control gap measurement and management.

IFRS 17 Consultation